I’m a professional nature photographer, and I’m especially fascinated with the arctic. I’ve spent over 3 months of my life in Iceland, all during winter, and I’ve captured many images of its magical frozen landscape. Black beaches adorned with countless diamond-like icebergs, glacial lagoons, ice-crusted waterfalls, Northern Lights, ice caves… Iceland in winter is a true paradise for photographers, one that I go back to every year to shoot and guide.

I hope you enjoy my images.

Source: erezmarom.com [20 photos total]

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NAUTILUS. One of the most amazing sights I’ve seen in Iceland was the opening to this ice cave in Vatnajökull Glacier. The patterns, colors and reflections were mind boggling, and conveyed the true sensation of being inside a natural wonder. #
PYRAMID MOONRISE. A red moon rises at the famous Pyramid Mountain, Kirkjufell. The frozen lake I was standing on was sprinkled with beautiful patches of snow, complementing the dramatic darkness all around. #
SHADES OF GREEN. An amazing night of Aurora Borealis over Iceland’s famous Glacier Lagoon. The shapes that the Northern Lights take never stop mesmerizing me. #
WATERY GRAVE. Tons upon tons of herring found their demise in this bay, smothered from lack of oxygen in its waters. It was a sad scene indeed, a good reminder of life’s frailty. #
SPOT THE SHARK. A tough capture of the receding water patterns on the black beach of Jökulsárlón, shot during my first 2013 ‘Land of Ice’ workshop. It was only back home when I saw the shark! :) #
FROZEN GODS. A top-view shot during a true winter day in Godafoss. A truly spectacular waterfall, the waters of the river Skjálfandafljót fall here from a height of 12 meters over a width of 30 meters. During winter, the river remains liquid but a wonderful icy crust #
THE SNOWY CLOAK OF ALDEYJARFOSS. Arguably the most beautiful and impressive waterfall I’ve ever seen, Aldeyjarfoss is even more impressive in its frozen winter clothing, and this image doesn’t begin to do it justice. In winter, it is reachable only by super jeeps, but getting there was d #
THE VIKING GIRL. ​Our guide to this amazing ice cave, Helen, at the cave’s opening. Icelandic girls are something special for sure! #
SUNRISE WITH THE ANCIENTS. ​The famous Dinosaur Rock in the beach of Hvítserkur, under a spectacular sunrise. #
WINTER’S PEARL. The amazing waterfall of Hrafnabjargafoss, beautifully covered in fresh snow, was one of the most memorable sights we witnessed during my 2014 ‘Winter Paradise’ workshop. It takes a wild super-jeep ride to get to the waterfall during winter, but to witnes #
WINTER PARADISE. A clear night started when the Aurora forcast being absolute zero. We went out anyway to shoot the reflections on the lake, but our plans changed when things started to pick up, well… rather amazingly :) This image is the very reason I traveled to north I #
A MYSTERY IN ICE. ​A beautiful waterfall, surrounded by ice-crystals in a hidden, underground ice cave deep in Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. #
GREEN LANTERN. ​A spectacular night of Northern Lights above Iceland’s famous glacier lagoon, Jökulsárlón. #
DARK MATTER. Unbelievable water and cloud dynamics allowed me to capture the essence of this magical beach in southern Iceland. I was so immersed in the moment, I forgot to check the glacier turned out sharp. Luckily, it did :) #
ICE CREAM. Almost 5 minutes of exposure turned clouds into fluffy whipped cream, over a perfectly-still Glacier Lagoon. A truly spectacular sunset in Jökulsárlón. #
WINTER’S TALE. In one of the most enchanting afternoons in my 2014 ‘Winter Paradise’ workshop, we encountered a hazy, snowy, tranquil Lake Mývatn. The haze, the golden sunlight and the perfect reflection of the snowy tree supplied the ultimate conditions for a winter ex #
THE ANGEL. One of the most majestic ice caves I’ve seen was this beauty, hidden in the depths of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, reachable only by a tough super jeep ride to the depths of the ice. Sometimes you just have to stand in awe of the unbelievable formations nature #
PERFECT SKÓGAFOSS. ​I was travelling with friends prior to starting my Iceland workshops, and on one of the days, we had the chance to visit Skógafoss in perfect conditions. There was very little wind, the waterfall was covered in snow and to top that, a beautiful rainbow h #
MY FAVORITE GNOME. Shy is a dear, dear friend, but he has a very annoying habit of entering my shots at the exact time it’s most intruding. Luckily, on this one he made the perfect addition to this amazing ice cave. #
SALT N’ PEPA. A hellish midday in Vik, Iceland. We decided to go to the beach inspite of the ominous weather, to get some true winter shots. I guess one should be careful what one wishes for… What we got was a relentless hail/snow/whatever it was just hitting us from e #

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