Around the world, architecture built hundreds of years in the past is increasingly being pushed aside by modern skyscrapers. But, as these photos show, they can exist together. [26 photos total]

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The modern Nextower dwarfs Eschenheimer Turm, a medieval defensive tower, Frankfurt.At 35-storeys tall, the Nextower, completed in 2011, defies everything that the skilled 14th century engineers who built Eschenheimer Turm thought possible. (Source: Epizentrum) #
The Old and New San Francisco Bay Bridges side by side.With the old bridge opened in 1936 and the new one in 2013, these twins are separated by nearly 80 years. (Source: Frank Schulenburg) #
Downtown Shanghai, China. (Source: Kent Sorensen) #
Sant Francesc Church, Spain. Built in the eighteenth century by Franciscan priests, this incredible Church was starting to fall into disrepair until architect David Closes intervened and added a modern touch. (Source: David Closes) #
Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral mingles with modern buildings, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Built by the French in 1880, this little piece of Paris is one of the few historic buildings still standing amongst a bustling city center. (Source: Mario Weigt, Anzenberger/Redux) #
London's Bank of England amid skyscrapers. Built in 1734, the Bank of England is one of the oldest and still functional banks in the world. Around it, skyscrapers have emerged. (Source: Reddit user) #
White House, Isle of Coll, Scotland. This restored 18th century farmhouse, designed by the Maclean-Bristol family, is an incredible blend of past and present. (Source: WT Architecture) #
Royal Ontario Museum Crystal Building, Canada. This world culture and natural history museum, built in 1914, has had a few facelifts in its time, including the crystal building added in 2007. #
Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong, China.Wong Tai Sin is a massive Taoist temple complex in the middle of Hong Kong. Built in the 1920s, it remains a major tourist destination, as does the modern city beyond its walls. (Source: Reddit user onemantwohands) #
St Mary Axe Church stands proudly in front of the Gherkin, London.The Gherkin, opened in 2004, is around 800 years younger than the Church which stands in front of it. And, at nearly 600 foot, it's also a lot taller. (Source: BaldBoris) #
The Chicago Water Tower, built in 1869, surrounded by skyscrapers.After it was opened in 1869, this tower was used to store water for firefighters. Modern innovations have rendered this purpose obsolete but this magnificent tower still stands proudly in the middle of a bustling urban jungle.   (Source: Didier B) #
Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. Being a major port since its founding in 948, the city is unsurprisingly a mix match of medieval and modern architecture. (Source: kaibuehler) #
Milan, Italy. Settled by the Celts in 400 BC and conquered by the Romans 200 years later, Milan has an extensive history. Following World War II, more modern structures started to appear amongst the antiquity of statues of churches. #
Trinity Church and the Hancock Tower, Boston, USA. The John Hancock Tower, opened in 1976, is the tallest building in Boston. Its neighbour, the Trinity Church opened its doors 99 years earlier, in 1877. Now, it casts a reflection those who first visited the church could only dream of. (Source: Steven Shigeo Yamada) #
Hamburg's Harbor City, Germany. Hafenport was an incredibly important trade port in the 18th and 19th century, but, with the arrival of container ships in the 20th century, failed to compete and was desolate for decades. Now, the area is being renovated with modern office buildings. (Source: Photo by Silverback Photography) #
Church Museum, Montreal, Canada  . This crumbling church has been transformed by Provencher Roy into a magnificently modern museum and theatre. (Source: Provencher Roy + Associés Architectes) #
The Old State House, Boston. Built in 1713, the Old State House was the seat of the Massachusetts General Court until 1798. In a scene reminiscent of “Up”, the city of Boston exploded around it, replacing two-story homes with skyscrapers while it remained intact as a museum. (Source: Chensiyuan) #
Nanjing, China. Nanjing is one of only four Ancient Capitals of China. Founded in 495 BC, the city has a history longer than most countries. Under the Mongol Empire, the city became a center for textiles and it remains an economic power house to this day. (Source: Reddit user mthmchris) #
8 Spruce Street and the Woolworths Building, New York, USA. The Woolworths and Beekman towers are perfect examples of how far architecture has come. Opened in 1913 and 2011 respectively, the two are separated by nearly 100 years. (Source: Reddit user etravus) #
Hong Kong, China. (Source: Unknown Photographer) #
(Source: Reddit user herhg22) #
Swansea Castle in front of the second tallest building in the city, Wales. Built by Henry de Beaumont in 1106, Swansea castle once dominated the landscape. Now, it is dwarfed by the British Telecoms tower, which is a relatively small 13 floors tall. (Source: Reddit user Sysiphuslove) #
Warsaw, Poland. (Source: Anthony Argrylou) #
Tokyo, Japan. (Source: Reddit user JamAndMilk) #
National Architects Union Headquarters, Romania. Stacked on top of this typical European home, built in the second half of the nineteenth century, is a modern skyscraper. #
Brno, Czech Republic. (Source: #

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