The idea of a sheep, usually the symbol of a mindless follower who is ready to conform and blend into the crowd, is turned on its head in The Dream Series by photographer Gray Malin. The Los Angeles-based photographer features flocks of rainbow-colored sheep across Australia's natural landscapes.

While most photographers are out, capturing the beauty of the natural world, Malin manages to alter that untouched piece of nature into something that is entirely unnatural, yet equally beautiful. This is his surreal re-imagining of what a flock of sheep could look like if they each bore their own sense of individuality.

Malin was initially inspired to create the series after hearing a Scottish tale about a sheep farmer who had "colored the fleece of his flock in an effort to deter thieves who had been regularly stealing his sheep at night." He took this inspiration and transformed its overarching meaning into a greater tale of embracing oneself and letting your wild colors show. He says, "Bringing this body of work to life has been a dream-come-true for me; but the most important aspect of each image is to incite others to wander from the flock and pursue their own aspirations. To all of those who dream, believe in the impossible because I am proof, it is possible."

Prints from The Dream Series can be purchased directly through Malin's website, where 20% of all proceeds will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. [12 photos total]

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