It's easy to get caught up in the day to day city life but these parks provide us with a way to escape the madness. They transform their cities from a grey skyline into a palette of color. The expert travelers at Trip Advisor recently came together to compile their list of the urban parks that you absolutely must visit this fall. [60 photos total]

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#25 - Castle Hill, Nice, France. (Source: #
One of the highest points in Nice, Castle Hill offers incredible views of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The bustling old town and sparkling mediterranean are all best seen from this vantage point. Although best known for the views, this lush park has incredible waterfalls and foliage that might tempt you away from the various vantage points. (Source: Photo by Fraselpantz) #
#24 - St. James’s Park, London, United Kingdom. (Source: Photo by Colin source) #
St James’s Park is fit for royalty, after all, it’s flanked by Buckingham Palace. This magnificent park is a calm oasis in one of the busiest cities in the world. Take a seat amongst the dandelions and ducks and watch the world go by. (Source: #
#23 - Mont Royal, Montreal, Quebec. (Source: #
(Source: #
The climb to the top of Mont Royal is well worth the effort, with incredible views of the city in all directions. During the autumn, the mountain erupts into a sea of vibrant yellows, reds and oranges in an otherwise grey cityscape making it the best time to visit the city. #
#22 - South Bank Parklands, Brisbane, Australia. (Source: #
This tropical rainforest in the middle of a city is an incredibly surreal spot to visit. With it’s own artificial beach, the park takes full advantage of Australia’s year round sunshine. (Source: Photo by Tim Gillons) #
#21 - Vondelpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Source: Photo by Sergé Technau) #
Named after the 17th century author, Joost van den Vondel, this urban park has been a popular destination since 1865. Be sure to check out the magnificent rose gardens, home to more than 70 types of roses, as well as the open air theatre which puts on incredible music all year round. #
#20 - Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia. (Source: Photo by Cookaa) #
The Royal Botanic Gardens are the epitome of tranquility. This city jungle is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and get lost for hours on end, underneath the canopy. #
#19 - St Stephen’s Green, Ireland. (Source: Photo by Naru Kenji) #
This quaint spot is an incredible spot to enjoy a few afternoon drinks. Hidden throughout the park are countless statues of the writers and poets that made the country so culturally influential. (Source: #
#18 - Vigeland Park, Oslo, Norway. (Source: Photo by Nickrds09) #
(Source: #
Vigeland Park is most famous for its hundreds of exquisite sculptures. Surprisingly, they were all made by a single person, Gustav Vigeland. The park is Gustav’s lifework and a labour of love that we should all witness. (Source: Photo by Gerry Scappatlccl) #
#17 - Bryant Park, New York City, USA. (Source: Photo by Jean-Christophe BENOIST) #
If you’re ever in New York, Bryant Park is an incredible place to grab something to eat and catch some rays. Locals from across the city partake in taichi, knitting and chess but for those who want to chill out, there’s also music and books. (Source: #
#16 - Parc de Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain. (Source: Photo by lusitas) #
(Source: #
(Source: #
Balboa is so stunning that it almost seems like a pat of Spain has been plucked up and placed in the middle of San Diego. This truly massive park is home to museums, theatres and a zoo. The highlight of any trip is the exquisite architecture of Casa de Balboa and it’s reflection pool. (Source: #
#14 - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, USA. (Source: Photo by Σταύρος) #
(Source: Photo by Hochgeladen von Impulse) #
Home to the Conservatory of Flowers, the oldest victorian greenhouse outside of England, a grand carousel and even a herd of bison, Golden Gate Park’s thousands of trees hide a treasure trove waiting for avid explorers. (Source: Photo by Derek Queensberry) #
#13 - Boston Public Garden, Boston, USA. (Source: Reddit user EatMeerkats) #
During fall, Boston is one of the most beautiful cities in America, thanks in no small part to the magnificent Public Garden. The lakes of his haven capture a still image of the constantly moving city that surrounds it, while the colder weather creates a sea of color. (Source: Reddit user Blandango) #
#12 - English Garden, Munich, Germany. (Source: Photo by Ludmiła Pilecka) #
More international than the name would suggest, this English Garden is home to a Greek temple, Chinese pagoda and Japanese tea house. Fast flowing rivers dominate the landscape, many of which are suitable for surfing. For those who don’t fancy getting wet, there are miles of romantic roads to get lost on. (Source: #
#11 - Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore. (Source: #
The Singapore Botanic Gardens are one of the city's last remaining retreats in a landscape dominated by skyscrapers. The virgin rainforest is a favourite for runners and dog walkers. Be sure to stop by the National Orchid Garden, which has a collection of over 3,000 vibrant flower species. (Source: #
#10 - Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France. (Source: Photo by Kirua) #
(Source: #
This green space was created in 1612 for French royalty living in the adjoining Luxembourg Palace. Following the French revolution, the vast pomerades and waterworks were opened to the public and even expanded upon by Napoleon. Now, the gardens thrive and their long history makes them well worth a visit. (Source: Reddit user monks0) #
#9 - Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain. (Source: Photo by Steven Miller) #
(Source: #
At the edge of the Retiro Park stands the magnificent glass Palacio de Cristal. Originally used to house exotic plants, it is now home to exquisite art exhibits and live music. Along with museums, galleries and sculptures, Retiro is a center of Spanish culture. (Source: #
#8 - Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Source: Reddot user Humpyhempy) #
(Source: Photo by Alex Korolkovas) #
Ibirapuera Park is one of only a few green spots in what may be the world’s fastest growing city. With pavilions, a planetarium, auditorium and obelisk, it is both the cultural core of the area and its green lung. (Source: #
#7 - Guell Park, Barcelona, Spain. (Source: Reddit user Jellyfish84) #
Designed by Antoni Gaudi for industrialist Count Eusebi Guell, this park is full to the brim with wacky architecture. Coupled with unbelievable views of the city below, Guell Park is one of the best places in Barcelona. (Source: #
#6 - Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth, Australia. Designed by Antoni Gaudi for industrialist Count Eusebi Guell, this park is full to the brim with wacky architecture. Coupled with unbelievable views of the city below, Guell Park is one of the best places in Barcelona. (Source: Reddit user thekeyframe) #
#6 - Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth, Australia. (Source: Photo by Klaus Rommel) #
Kings Park is a vast native bushland on Mount Eliza and home to over 300 native plants and 80 bird species. The area is left virtually untouched by man and nature has been allowed to thrive. With panoramic views of the Swan River, Darling Range and Perth business district, it’s easily the most beautiful spot in the city. (Source: #
#5 - High Line, New York City, USA. (Source: #
(Source: #
The High Line is a mile long section of railroad reclaimed by nature. This vibrant aerial greenway is a labour of love by the local people who help to maintain it. It offers the chance to climb off the bustling streets and get around New York in another way. (Source: #
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(Source: Reddit user newhannibal) #
(Source: Reddit user Minges14) #
(Source: Photo by John Hoffman) #
(Source: Photo by Sascha Brück) #
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(Source: Photo by Zotium) #

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