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Visitors can now tour a replica of Jerry's apartment from the "Seinfeld" TV series. [11 photos total]

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A visitor tours Hulu's "Seinfeld: The Apartment", a temporary exhibit on West 14th street in Manhattan, June 24, 2015. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
Created to celebrate the launch of all of the episodes of "Seinfeld" on Hulu beginning June 24, the exhibit contains a replica version of the Upper West Side New York City apartment set from the series, original items and interactive elements and is open to the public through June 28. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
Cereal boxes. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
A group of children. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
The diner table and booth from the original set. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
A visitor stands behind a replica nightclub microphone and spotlight. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
A Superman figure from the original set. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
A visitor imitates the character Kramer. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
Visitors pose for photographs with actor Larry Thomas who played the character The Soup Nazi. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
Visitors tour the apartment replica. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
A view shows the exterior of Hulu's "Seinfeld: The Apartment", a temporary exhibit on West 14th street in Manhattan. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #

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