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It’s time once again for a look at the animal kingdom and our interactions with the countless species that share our planet. Today’s photos include an elephant with a prosthetic leg, a Hungarian horseman, a glass squid from Hawaii, fireflies in Mexico, pangolins in Indonesia, rescue operations for a number of animals, a fennec fox in a Bangkok cafe, and much more. These images and many others are part of this roundup of animals in the news from recent months, seen from the perspectives of their human observers, companions, captors, and caretakers, as part of an ongoing series on animals in the news. [36 photos total]

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A polar bear in an aquarium exhibit at the Grandview mall in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China, on July 27, 2016. (Reuters) #
A male baby elephant looks out of his enclosure in Halle, Germany, on August 5, 2016. The elephant was born on August 3, 2016. (Jens Meyer / AP) #
Freelance photographer Noah Berger rescues a goat while on assignment for the San Francisco Chronicle as flames envelop a property off of Bonham Road near Lower Lake, California, on August 14, 2016. (Josh Edelson / AP) #
A squirrel runs during the 9th round of FootGolf Italian Championship at Castel d'Aviano Golf Club on September 24, 2016 in Aviano, Italy. (Andrea Spinelli / Corbis via Getty) #
A detainee looks out of a prison cell in a compound of the Lukyanivska detention center in Kiev, Ukraine, on July 19, 2016. (Valentyn Ogirenko / Reuters) #
A man watches buffaloes cross a river as they head to another grazing area, in Nanchong, Sichuan province, China, on August 10, 2016. (Reuters) #
Ben Schine, 22, returns from Charlotte to retrieve his bunnies that were not able to fit in his car during the initial evacuation in Greenville, North Carolina, on October 11, 2016. (Nicole Craine / Reuters) #
Seth Brockton of Wheatland, Texas, competes in the steer wrestling event during the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on July 8, 2016. (Todd Korol / Reuters) #
A digger tries to free two adult elephants and a baby elephant, which became trapped after falling into a reservoir when drinking water at a farm in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, China. The three wild Asian elephants were trapped for more than two days until they were saved in a rescue operation involving helicopters and firecrackers on October 12, 2016. (AFP / Getty) #
A pangolin carries its baby at a Bali zoo in Bali, Indonesia. Although a global wildlife summit banned all trade of the pangolin in September, doubts remain whether that will stop the illegal traffic of pangolins in Africa fueled by a growing demand from Asian consumers, particularly Chinese. (Firdia Lisnawati / AP) #
Peoria Fire-Medical E192 firefighter Todd Childress pulls a stranded dog out of a canal on August 5, 2016, with the help of a ladder in Peoria, Arizona, The dog, which had previously been very difficult to round up, ran right to the firefighter who was able to get him into the waiting net of Animal Control officer. (Capt. Justin Gorospe / Peoria Fire-Medical Department via AP) #
Cattle graze in the Cotswolds, near Stroud, in Britain, on October 12, 2016. (Toby Melville / Reuters) #
A common heron feeds in coastal thickets in the town of Rakov, some 45 kilometers northwest of Minsk, Belarus, on October 4, 2016. (Sergei Grits / AP) #
Motola, an elephant that was injured by a landmine, wears her prosthetic leg at the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation in Lampang, Thailand, on June 29, 2016. (Athit Perawongmetha / Reuters) #
A visitor plays with a fennec fox and meerkat at the Little Zoo Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, on September 27, 2016. In Asia, where the first cat cafe opened more than a decade ago, the concept has moved well beyond felines. At the Little Zoo Cafe, meerkats, raccoons and the little foxes can be cuddled near plates of crepes and French fries. (Sakchai Lalit / AP) #
A general view the skull, jaw and teeth of Trix the female T-Rex exhibition at the Naturalis or Natural History Museum of Leiden on October 17, 2016 in Leiden, Netherlands. The skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex was excavated in 2013 in Montana, by Naturalis Biodiversity Center. (Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty) #
Ornithologist Martin Pudil, from the Czech Society For Ornithology, measures a migrating bird after it was ringed in the Jizera Mountains on September 21, 2016 in village of Jizerka, Czech Republic. (Matej Divizna / Getty) #
A hummingbird flies in the sanctuary "El Paraiso de los Colibries" near Cali, Colombia, on July 28, 2016. (Jaime Saldarriaga / Reuters) #
A animal control official uses a blowpipe to shoot a dog with a tranquilizer dart in central Yangon, Burma, on October 6, 2016. Burma's largest city is capturing some of its tens of thousands of stray dogs to neuter and vaccinate them to combat rabies. (Thein Zaw / AP) #
About 23 giant pandas born in 2016 on display at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China, on September 29, 2016. (Reuters) #
Catfish gather in a corner of Gundalao lake as they wait to be fed by passersby in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India, on October 7, 2016. (Himanshu Sharma / Reuters) #
Two men rescue a dog from floodwaters on Martin Luther King Blvd. on October 12, 2016 in Lumberton, North Carolina. (Sean Rayford / Getty) #
A member of Coruche forcados group lies on the ground after he was tossed by a bull during a bullfight at Campo Pequeno bullring in Lisbon, Portugal, on October 13, 2016. (Rafael Marchante / Reuters) #
In this July 21, 2016 photo, fireflies seeking mates light up in synchronized bursts as photographers take long-exposure pictures, inside Piedra Canteada, a tourist camp cooperatively owned by 42 local families, inside an old-growth forest near the town of Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala state, Mexico. (Rebecca Blackwell / AP) #
A chicken runs in front of a coop that burns with animals still inside (not pictured) at the Bluecut Fire in the San Bernardino National Forest in San Bernardino County, California, on August 16, 2016. (Gene Blevins / Reuters) #
In this September 2016 photo provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a glass squid that was found off the coast of Hawaii's Big Island is shown. Federal researchers just returned from an expedition to study the biodiversity and mechanisms of an unusually rich deep-sea ecosystem off the coast of Hawaii. (NOAA via AP) #
A giraffe looks out towards the Sydney Opera House from it's enclosure at Taronga Zoo on October 5, 2016. The Zoo was celebrating its 100th birthday. (William West / AFP / Getty) #
A dog jumps into a pool during the Flying Dogs competition in Kamnik, Slovenia, on September 10, 2016. (Srdjan Zivulovic / Reuters) #
Budgies feed on seeds from a local visitor's hands at Ocean Park in metro Manila, Philippines, on September 10, 2016. (Romeo Ranoco / Reuters) #
A five-month-old baby female Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) sits on her mother Sulli at Bioparc Fuengirola in Fuengirola, near Malaga, Spain, on September 12, 2016. (Jon Nazca / Reuters) #
A man uses a scissors to make intricate decorative patterns on a camel's back before displaying it for sale at a makeshift cattle market ahead of the Eid al-Adha festival in Karachi, Pakistan, on September 9, 2016. (Akhtar Soomro / Reuters) #
A crocodile attacks a wildebeest during the annual wildebeests migration in the Masai Mara game reserve on September 12, 2016. (Carl De Souza / AFP / Getty) #
A dog named "Charly" rests in the arms of his owner after both took part in a run in Madrid on October 16, 2016. About 3,500 dogs of all breeds and sizes with purple bandannas around their necks marched the streets of Madrid with their owners in tow in the fifth edition of the "perroton," or Dogathon, a yearly event that seeks to raise awareness about animal cruelty and the importance of dog adoptions. (Francisco Seco / AP) #
A male deer at dawn during the annual deer rutting season at Richmond Park in London, England, on October 9, 2016. (Toby Melville / Reuters) #
An employee wipes away tears as he walks through a flooded farm, past pigs that cannot be moved due to environmental protection and epidemic prevention measures, before he leaves for a safer place in Liu'an, Anhui Province, China, on July 4, 2016. (Reuters) #
A traditional Hungarian horseman rides as the sun sets on the Great Hungarian Plain in Hortobagy, Hungary, on June 29, 2016. (Laszlo Balogh / Reuters) #

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