Colombia's long war with the FARC

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos won the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for his efforts to end a 52-year-old war with Marxist rebels, a surprise choice after Colombians voted against the accord in a referendum. [35 photos total]

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Leftist rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) patrol a roadway near to San Vicente de Caguan, January 1999. (REUTERS/Jose Gomez) #
Three members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) take up positions in trenches around a heavily-fortified rebel camp in the southern Caqueta province, December 1998. (REUTERS/Jose Gomez) #
Colombian soldiers survey an area in San Juanito during fighting with FARC guerrillas, February 1997. (REUTERS/Jose Gomez) #
Two civilians of the town of Dolores are ordered by FARC guerrillas to search a Colombian policeman's clothes for concealed weapons during a siege of the town in Colombia's central Tolima province, November 1999. A fellow wounded policeman lies in the background with a rebel crouching above him. (REUTERS/File) #
FARC guerrillas take hostage three police captured during an attack in the town of Dolores, November 1997. The captured police were released to the press some hours later. (REUTERS/File) #
Colombian soldiers carry a FARC guerrilla injured in combat during an attack in Guayabetal Meta province, January 2000. (REUTERS/File) #
A dead civilian lies in the road as Red Cross workers run for protection after an attack in Guayabetal, January 2000. (REUTERS/File) #
FARC rebels stand guard during a roadblock after they attacked Silvia town in Cauca province, May 1999. (REUTERS/Henry Romero) #
A FARC rebel looks at a photo of legendary guerrilla leader Ernesto "Che" Guevara in a temporary rebel headquarters in San Vicente del Caguan, October 1999. (REUTERS/Jose Gomez) #
A Colombian police officerruns as he holds his weapon during a guerrilla attack in Granada city, Antioquia province, December 2000. Three Colombian policemen and three civilians were killed during the attack. (REUTERS/File) #
Two Colombian soldiers patrol in front at a truck burned by FARC rebels in an illegal roadblock, leaving one civilian dead, March 2002. (REUTERS/Juan B. Diaz) #
46 Colombian police held prisoner by FARC rebels huddle in a boat as they are escorted by guerrillas from behind, near the end of a two-day river journey on their way to being freed in a unilateral release, June 2001. (REUTERS/Eliana Aponte) #
A Colombian soldier is carried by a Black Hawk helicopter in Puerto Siare, with bodies of FARC rebels killed incombat, August 2001. (REUTERS/Jose Gomez) #
Friends of Andres Felipe Perez look at his coffin during his funeral in Buga's police headquarters, December 2001. Andres Felipe, a Colombian boy whose deathbed plea to see his father, kidnapped by FARC rebels, before dying of cancer touched the war-weary nation, sparking fresh outrage at rebel captors who snubbed the boy's last wish. (REUTERS/Daniel Munoz) #
An elderly woman lies on the road after being injured when a FARC rebel's weapon discharged in Paujil, February 2002. (REUTERS/Jose Gomez) #
A Colombian police officer attempts to put out a truck fire set by FARC rebels in Dagua, Valle province, April 2003. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz) #
A Colombian soldier looks at the bodies of FARC rebels killed in combat in La Plata, Huila province, July 2002. (REUTERS/Daniel Munoz) #
FARC rebels march through a guerrilla camp deep in the jungles of southern Colombia, June 2001. (REUTERS/Eliana Aponte) #
Colombian police and peasants look at a truck burned by FARC rebels in Dagua, Valle province, April 2003. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz) #
Ingrid Betancourt, a French-Colombian politician kidnapped in February 2002, is seen in a video released by FARC in 2007. (REUTERS/Daniel Munoz) #
Colombian rescue workers try to pull an ambulance from a riverbank after rebels blew up a bridge in San Rafael, Antioquia Province, February 2002. (REUTERS/Albeiro Lopera) #
Colombian police officers evacuate a body of a comrade fatally shot during a gun battle against FRC rebels in Toribio, April 2005. Three police officers and one girl were killed while 23 people, including eight police officers, were injured in the gun fight. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz) #
Kidnapped Colombian army Captain Yesid Valero gestures in an undated video obtained by Reuters in July 2007. The video brought news for the first time in four years of the politicians, police and soldiers being held in jungle camps by guerrillas in Latin America's oldest insurgency. (REUTERS/Reuters TV) #
Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt smiles in the helicopter following a rescue operation in Colombia July 2008. Betancourt was rescued after more than six years in the jungle as a captive. (REUTERS/Handout) #
A woman surveys the damage to her house after an attack on a nearby police station, blamed on FARC rebels, in Piendamo, November 2011. (REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga) #
Colombian anti-drug policemen stand guard after burning a cocaine laboratory in Puerto Concordia, near Meta province, January 2012. Operation "Republica 73" was aimed at destroying labs that belonged to FARC rebels. (REUTERS/John Vizcaino) #
Colombian police search for the body of their colleague who was killed by a car bomb at a police station in Villa Rica, February 2012. (REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga) #
FARC members run during a battle with the Colombian Army in the mountains of Jambalo, in the province of Cauca, July 2012. Cauca province - known colloquially by soldiers as Cauca-kistan for the intensity of combat there - has been one of the hottest regions of the conflict and it is a strategic area for the production and transport of cocaine. (REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga) #
A police officer reacts amid the ruins of a police station which was destroyed by a bomb attack blamed on FARC rebels in the municipality of Inza in Cauca province, December 2013. (REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga) #
Tatiana, 36-year-old and six months pregnant, sits next to gifts for the baby at a camp where the FARC will ratify a peace deal with the Colombian government, near El Diamante in Yari Plains, Colombia, September 17, 2016. (REUTERS/John Vizcaino) #
FARC rebel leader Rodrigo Londono, better known by his nom de guerre Timochenko, is seen on a screen during the opening of ceremony congress at the camp where they prepare for ratifying a peace deal with the government, near El Diamante in Yari Plains, Colombia, September 17, 2016. REUTERS /John Vizcaino #
A couple from the 51st Front of FARC rest inside a tent at a camp in Cordillera Oriental, Colombia, August 16, 2016. (REUTERS/John Vizcaino) #
Members of the 51st front FARC patrol in the remote mountains of Colombia, August 16, 2016. (REUTERS/John Vizcaino) #
A FARC fighter arriving at the camp where they prepare for an upcoming congress ratifying a peace deal with the government, near El Diamante in Yari Plains, Colombia, September 16, 2016. REUTERS /John Vizcaino #
A couple from the 51st Front of the FARC pose for the camera at a camp in Cordillera Oriental, Colombia. (REUTERS/John Vizcaino) #

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