People of Times Square

Unique characters in New York's most famous neighborhood. [20 photos total]

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A pan handler sits with a "Give me $1 or Im voting for Trump" sign, referring to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, as he sits on the street in Times Square in Manhattan, New York. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
Robert Burck, known as the original "Naked Cowboy," poses for a photo in an area with mirrors in Times Square. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
A man dressed as the character "Minion" from the "Despicable Me" movies demands to be paid a tip after being photographed in Times Square. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
Deke Breuer feeds his dog Cahlupa some lasagna in Times Square. Breuer, originally from Detroit, have been living and traveling for the last few years and has taught his dog many tricks. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
A street performer dressed as the Statue of Liberty stands amongst light snow in Times Square. (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly) #
A couple dressed up as musical act Daft Punk ride the shuttle subway at Times Square station. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
Jorge, an immigrant from Mexico dressed as the Sesame Street character Elmo, rests in Times Square. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz) #
A man walks though Times Square in high heels. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
A model poses during a photo shoot at a subway entrance in Times Square. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
A man dressed up as Pinhead from the Hellraiser series poses for a photo as his subway train pulls away at Times Square station. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
Divers are pictured waiting to play tic-tac-toe on the glass of a dive tank used by the U. S. Navy Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit for promotion during Fleet Week in Times Square. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
A dancer poses for a photograph as part of the "Dance as Art" photo project in Times Square. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
A group of Mennonites from Pennsylvania sing hymns in the Times Square subway station. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
A man who gave his name as Wildcat works out on NYPD crowd control barricades in the rain in Times Square. Wildcat says he works out in public places to encourage others to get healthy without the need for fancy equipment. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
Billy McKinney sits on a sidewalk holding a sign inviting passers-by to tell him off for two dollars in Times Square. (REUTERS/Mike Segar) #
A U.S. Navy sailor reacts to a street hawker as he walks through Times Square during Fleet Week. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson) #
Women who pose for tips wearing body paint and underwear help each other get ready in Times Square. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #
A man dressed as a marijuana leaf stands with another with a poster, as they ask for money to buy pot at Times Square. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz) #
People stand with umbrellas during a rainstorm along 43rd Street at Times Square. (REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton) #
Berta and Jose Fernandez from Spain pose for wedding photos in Times Square. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri) #

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