Our top photos from the past week. [ 20 photos total ]

The Yang Dezhi “Red Army” elementary school in Wenshui, Xishui country in Guizhou province was designated a “Red Army primary school” -- funded by China’s “red nobility” of revolution-era Communist commanders and their families, one of many such institutions that have been established across the country. Such schools are an extreme example of the “patriotic education” which China’s ruling Communist party promotes to boost its legitimacy -- but which critics condemn as little more than brainwashing. [ 17 photos total ]

Famous faces at New York Fashion Week. [ 15 photos total ]

Organizers of the Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest have just announced their winning photos for 2017. The winner Gabriel Barathieu beat entrants from 67 different countries with his portrait of an octopus in the lagoon of the island of Mayotte. Prizes and commendations were also handed out in a number of categories, including Wide Angle, Macro, Wrecks, Behavior, Up & Coming, and, in British waters, Wide Angle, Compact, and Macro shots. UPY has been kind enough to share some of this year's honorees with us below. Captions written by the photographers. [ 26 photos total ]

The Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe and lies in the amazing Alps. It stand at a dazzling 4,808 meters high.
Esteban Wautier captured the Mont Blanc like the magical mountain it is.
Credit: Esteban Wautier [ 13 photos total ]

Some 188,000 residents are evacuated as a crumbling overflow channel at America's tallest dam shows severe erosion during a wet Northern California winter. [ 18 photos total ]

Highlights from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. [ 25 photos total ]

For more than 100 years, the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club has been countering crime with a love of horses. The non-profit, based in north Philadelphia, provides a safe environment for local teens to escape a community overcome by gang violence and unemployment. Photographer Ann Sophie Lindström spent several months documenting the organization to complete her interactive project, “Don’t Fence Me In.” At first, the horsemen were not impressed by Lindström, but when she started sharing prints with them, they warmed to European photographer. “The horses give them an opportunity to get away from everything that is going on in their lives,” she said. “Horses can heal troubled souls. That is something I experienced myself.” [ 19 photos total ]

Memorable moments at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. [ 5 photos total ]

Sinkholes can be deadly, swallowing residents and damaging infrastructure. [ 17 photos total ]