Sebastien Del Grosso is an unique artist who brings to us a completely different and perhaps unimaginable perspective of photography. His work is an amalgamation of photography and drawing – sketching to be more precise. He creates realistic effects by combining his self-made sketches and photographs. The detailing and liveliness is noticeable in every piece of his art.
[ 25 photos total ]

If you ever had the pleasure of visiting Japan you’ll will recognise the sound of Pachinko instantly.
Thousands of metal balls falling through the machines makes a very distinct sound and the Japanese used to be obsessed by it. [ 26 photos total ]

Nothing is better than getting trained by the best. Nike is back again with a brilliant campaign that will keep the basketball fans busy during summer. [ 25 photos total ]

This week we have a look at swarms of locusts in Madagascar, 31 riders on a single motorcycle, magma from Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano, Japan's tidy superhero Mangetsu-man, huge waves in California, and a gigantic French mechanical horse-dragon. [ 35 photos total ]

Her models meld into the grey Manhattan skyline as if they're made of mirrors and glass.
Now body artist Trina Merry has spoken about her head-turning technique, painstakingly painting women so they blend in with New York's landmarks, after her incredible creations made headlines around the world.
The 33-year-old shuns studios and canvases, instead letting her nude models camouflage seamlessly into the world around them. [ 13 photos total ]

Our top photos from the month of August. [ 40 photos total ]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married Saturday in France, a spokesman for the couple says. [ 26 photos total ]

Heavy and potentially dangerous surf from Hurricane Marie drew crowds of surfers and spectators to the California coast. [ 10 photos total ]

Walking among us are superheroes, ready to appear anywhere they're needed, whether it's for voting, promoting or protesting. [ 32 photos total ]

A Chinese street performer puts on his best impression of the King of Pop. [ 14 photos total ]