Across the globe, snow blankets the landscape, giving photographers a new perspective on their surroundings. [ 43 photos total ]

A murmuration of starlings over Israel, a robotic road safety worker in India, a sacrificial llama in Bolivia, border barriers between Tunisia and Libya, a sea otter receives a valentine, a deadly earthquake in Taiwan, the annual Shrovetide football match in England, a leopard attack in India, and much more. [ 35 photos total ]

I would like to present some small area in the middle of Italy. It’s Tuscany – the most idyllic and rural place which I’ve visited. I explored this amazing area about 8 years ago. From that moment I have been there many times and will definitely continue visiting it.
[ 13 photos total ]

For 12 years I have had the pleasure of travelling and exploring Norway’s spectacular landscape, creating beautiful images along the way. From sunrise hikes to camping in the snow, the journey has been a rich experience.
[ 30 photos total ]

Today, the Iowa Caucus takes place, the first major event of the presidential election process for 2016. Candidates have spent months (some of them years) visiting potential voters across the state, speaking in gymnasiums, cornfields, coffee shops, bingo halls, and church basements, posing for selfies, taking questions, then moving on to the next town. Gathered here are scenes from the past few frantic months as presidential hopefuls made appearances in every corner of the state. [ 41 photos total ]

Revelers in Brazil prepare for Carnival, Dutch police train an eagle to capture drones in midair, a captured monkey menace in Mumbai, a kiss after a fight in London, Russian infantry training with reindeer, a mock zebra escape in a Tokyo zoo, a crane collapse in New York, and much more. [ 35 photos total ]

The burning of a Viking longboat during Up Helly Aa in the Shetland Islands, protests in Moldova, oil drilling rigs laid up in Scotland due to falling prices, nude statues hidden from Iran’s visiting president in Italy, a moonrise behind Toronto, and much more. [ 35 photos total ]

I am Tomasz Furmanek, amateur kayaker and adventure photographer. I started taking photos from the kayak about 3 years ago. My aim is to capture the beauty and balance of nature in the fjords and lakes, mainly in Norway. I also wish to motivate people to visit some of these remote locations and show them the joy of kayaking.
[ 22 photos total ]

I compiled some of my favorite shots of New Zealand’s roads.
New Zealand truly is a magical place and the best way to discover the country is on the road. I hope you enjoy this series! [ 12 photos total ]

In Aviemore, northern Scotland, Huskies and sledders are now preparing for the 33rd annual Aviemore Sled Dog Race, organised by the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain. The race is run by over 1,000 sled dogs pulling 250 mushers around Loch Morlich, in the Cairngorm mountains. Gathered below are images of the race and participants from recent years. [ 20 photos total ]