In Aviemore, northern Scotland, Huskies and sledders are now preparing for the 33rd annual Aviemore Sled Dog Race, organised by the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain. The race is run by over 1,000 sled dogs pulling 250 mushers around Loch Morlich, in the Cairngorm mountains. Gathered below are images of the race and participants from recent years. [ 20 photos total ]

NASA's Mars rover Opportunity just celebrated its twelfth anniversary on Mars - a mission that was originally meant to last just 90 days. Although recently eclipsed in the news by its bigger brother Curiosity, Opportunity is still going strong and making valuable scientific discoveries. Launched into space in 2003, Opportunity bounced to a hole-in-one landing in a small crater on Mars' Meridiani Planum on January 25, 2004. It has since spent 4,270 Martian days, or sols, on the surface, slowly moving from target to target, exploring craters, meteorites, unusual rock formations, and finding evidence of past water activity. Over the past 144 months, Opportunity has taken more than 200,000 images, and driven a total of 26.50 miles (42.65 km) across Mars—not bad for a mission designed to last only three months. [ 30 photos total ]

Today India held its 67th Republic Day celebration, honoring the day in 1950, when it adopted its current constitution. French President Francois Hollande was among the guests of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited to view the spectacle of the parade held in New Delhi, filled with marching bands, floats, camels, military hardware, and stunt performers. [ 24 photos total ]

For the past year, photographer Elliot Ross has been photographing the world of farmer Jim Mertens. Inspired by the empathetic imagery of Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans for the Farm Security Administration, Ross created an essay that examines the relationship between the farmer and the land, giving both characters equal focus in “The Reckoning Days.” The grains of wheat and the cracked palms of laborers are given the same attention, depicted in a mesmerizing palette of blues and yellows. This is how bread, the most basic staple of our diet, is made. “Society is generally removed from the processes in which bread and hundreds of other products reach our baskets,” Ross said. "We must protect, nurture, and celebrate the salt of the earth.” [ 17 photos total ]

A record-setting blizzard blanketed much of the American East Coast in snow over the weekend, and parts of China have been experiencing weeks of bone-chilling temperatures, freezing rivers and waterfalls. The weather has caused serious problems, but it also brought many out to play, and others to photograph the snowball fights, sleds, and the beauty of winter in full swing. [ 28 photos total ]

I’m a photographer from Georgia. I capture almost everything but especially I love shooting landscapes.

I travelled to Tusheti. It is one of the most famous regions in Georgia with its unique culture and nature. Traditionally, the Tushs are sheep herders. Tushetian Gouda (cheese) and high-quality wool are famous and are exported to Europe.

It was very difficult to take these pictures because I had to open the window of a helicopter and I was absolutely frozen, but I fell in love with the result.

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I would like to show you very interesting place in Europe – Moravia in The Czech Republic. It’s a large agricultural area in southern part which is hilly and colorful. It’s very famous for it’s vineyards and the very fertile soils.

Each time when I traveled there the whole area was very different. You can meet a lot of deers, hares and boars there. Another characteristic feature is tractors and a lot of field pulpits.

I call this place a small Tuscany and I think this place is magical. That’s why I recommend you to go there if you are bored.

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Last Christmas (and New Year, and the weeks after) was anything but white in the Alpes. But when the snow finally came it felt like Christmas! And as if Mother Nature was making up for lost days; it snowed for days and then..

The sun came out. The perfect day to take out my camera and show everyone how much you’re missing out on if you stay inside in winter. [ 10 photos total ]

Taiwan’s first woman president, an ice-covered grain silo in Iowa (for ice climbing), migrants continued arrivals in Europe despite harsh weather conditions, a visit to a ski resort in Iran, testing a spacesuit in France, a virtual reality world premiere event in Switzerland, an abandoned Pentagon in China, and much more. [ 35 photos total ]

Wild horses in Northern Ireland, a ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ in NYC, icy weather across the north, the unveiling of a new Titanosaur fossil display, a glass shoe-shaped church in Taiwan, tributes to David Bowie, and much more. [ 35 photos total ]