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It's time once more for a look into the animal kingdom and our interactions with the countless other species that share our planet. Today's photos include a WiFi-enabled donkey, a wayward badger, Slash holding a koala, and a farewell to Bao Bao, the world's oldest male panda. These images and many others are part of this roundup of animals in the news from recent weeks, seen from the perspectives of their human observers, companions, captors, and caretakers, part of an ongoing series on animals in the news. [41 photos total]

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Villy, a male snow leopard, in an enclosure at the zoo in Zurich, Switzerland, on July 11, 2012. (Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann) #
American tourist Ella uses an iPad while riding a Wi-Fi-outfitted donkey lead by her brother Aaron, in Kfar Kedem, a biblical reenactment park in the village of Hoshaya in the Galilee, Israel, on August 22, 2012. Visitors riding donkeys through the Old Testament landscape can now also surf the web while being transported across the land of the Bible. Organizers are hoping to connect the younger generation to ancient Galillee life while allowing them to like, share, tweet and snap it instantly to their friends. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit) #
Amanda, a female dog, carries one of her five puppies from the flames that destroyed the house where she lived and places them in a fire truck in Temuco, Chile, on August 9, 2012. One of the pups died due to severe injures caused by the fire. (AP Photo/Jose Monsalve, Diario El Austral de La Araucaria) #
An Indian gharial crocodile (Gavialis Gangeticus) in his enclosure at the Troja Zoo in Prague, Czech Republic, on August 5, 2012 . (Michal Cizek/AFP/Getty Images) #
Motorbike riders jump over a wild cow during a performance at the bullring in the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain, on July 12, 2012. (Reuters/Eloy Alonso) #
A penguin swims on Arpoador beach in Rio de Janeiro, on July 5, 2012. Penguins arrive from the Antarctic Circle on ice floes that melt in the vicinity of Brazil's shore and the birds wash up on Rio beaches every winter. (Reuters/Ricardo Moraes) #
Adam vom Feisastern, a Sphynx cat belonging to German breeder Sabine Braeuer, waits on a jury table during an annual International Pedigree Dog Show with Purebred Cats Show in Erfurt, Germany, on June 10, 2012. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer) #
A firefighter approaches a pile of dead sheep after a forest fire near Darnius, in the northern Spanish province of Girona, on July 23, 2012. Forest fires that broke out on Sunday in Girona, a tourist spot bordering with France in Spain's northern Catalonia region, have killed four people and have burned 32,000 acres. (Reuters/Jordi Ribot) #
Nastia, a six-month-old female bear cub, looks over her shoulder in a private zoo in Haisyn, Vinnitsya region, Ukraine, in this picture taken July 4, 2012. Nastia was rescued by Ukrainian authorities and the Four Paws Animal Welfare Foundation from the private zoo as they thought there might be a risk of her being sold to a circus. According to Dr. Amir Khalil, project manager for Four Paws, Nastia and her mother will be transferred from their temporary home at Lutsk Zoopark to a brown bear sanctuary in Ukraine. (Reuters/Mihai Vasile/Four Paws) #
A herd of endangered Przewalski horses trot across the Takhin Us National Park in the southwest of Mongolia, on July 16, 2012. The Prague Zoo transported four Przewalski horses to Mongolia as part of its efforts to reintroduce the endangered species into its native environment. (Reuters/Petr Josek) #
Zookeeper Don McFarlane, at ZSL London Zoo, weighs and measures an African Millipede during the zoo's annual weigh-in on August 22, 2012 in London, England. The height and mass of every animal in the zoo, of which there are over 16,000, needs to be recorded. The measurements are collated in the Zoological Information Management System, from which zoologists can use the data to compare information on thousands of endangered species. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images) #
A badger that wandered through an open door into a bottled water store in Sparks, Nevada bares its teeth on August 7, 2012. Officials with the Nevada Department of Wildlife and Washoe County animal services officers were able to lure the badger into a cage with cat food. No one was hurt at the Fresca Waterstore, and the animal later was released into the wild on Peavine Mountain north of Reno. (AP Photo/Nevada Department of Wildlife, Aaron Meyer) #
South Korea's Hwang Woojin loses control of his horse during the Show Jumping event of the Modern Pentathlon during the 2012 London Olympics at the Equestrian venue in Greenwich Park, London, on August 11, 2012. (John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images) #
American musician Slash, holding a koala named Tinkerbell, poses with 72-year-old Australian wildlife warrior Bob Irwin at the launch of the Bob Irwin Wildlife and Conservation Foundation Inc. in Brisbane, Australia, on August 22, 2012. The foundation was formed to provide ongoing support to Bob Irwin, the father of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, in his life long commitment to preserving the planet's wildlife. (AP Photo/Tertius Pickard) #
A pair of Asian Black Forest scorpions, Heterometrus longimanus, under ultra-violet light in their glass enclosure at the Night Safari in Singapore, on August 17, 2012. (Reuters/Tim Chong) #
A male wild leopard climbs a net after it fell into a water reservoir tank at a tea estate in Haskhowa near Siliguri, India, on June 20, 2012. The animal was rescued by a Sukna Forest rescue team from the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. (AP Photo) #
Seven-year-old Dana lies in her bed at the SOLCA hospital as hospital volunteer Veronica Pardo holds her dog Lancelot, an American cocker spaniel, in Quito, Ecuador, on July 25, 2012. Pardo, who owns the dog, says her dogs are used every Wednesday to cheer up the most discouraged of the patients. Hospital workers began to notice that on Wednesdays fewer children had to be kept over because of problems after chemotherapy. Doctors found that youngsters' adrenaline levels rose from being with the dogs, boosting their resistance to chemo's side effects. (AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa) #
Zookeeper Grant Kother, at ZSL London Zoo, weighs and measures a giant tortoise during the zoo's annual weigh-in on August 22, 2012 in London, England. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images) #
Firefighters use a hydraulic rescue tool to free a dog that got its head stuck in fence, at Luoyang, Henan province, China, on August 21, 2012. (Reuters/Stringer) #
Government dog catchers ensnare a dog on the streets of Taoyuan, northern Taiwan, on May 11, 2012. In an ongoing project, Taiwanese photographer Tou Chih-kang makes portraits of shelter dogs in the final moments of their lives before being put down by lethal injection. Tou has been visiting dog shelters for two years now, making human-like portraits that give a sense of dignity and esteem to some 400 canines, in hopes of educating the public on the proper care of pets. This year Taiwanese authorities will kill an estimated 80,000 stray dogs at 38 pounds scattered throughout the island. (AP Photo/Wally Santana) #
Anori, a five-month-old polar bear, plays in a pool of water at the zoo in Wuppertal, Germany, on June 6, 2012. (AP Photo/Sascha Schuermann) #
Wild ponies are herded into the Assateague Channel to for their annual swim to Chincoteague Island, on July 25, 2012 in Chincoteague, Virginia. Every year the wild ponies are rounded up to be auctioned off by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images) #
An ultrasonic image shows an elephant fetus sized 10.6 cm (4.2 inches) on day 141 of the pregnancy of it's mother Tonga, in Schoenbrunn zoo in Vienna, Austria, on April 18, 2012. This is the first worldwide successful insemination of an African elephant using frozen sperm taken from a wild elephant bull in South Africa, the zoo said on August 14, 2012. (Reuters/Tiergarten Schoenbrunn) #
A young girl throws a cat into a flooded street as Tropical storm Helene rains batter the Gulf city of Veracruz, Mexico, on August 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Felix Marquez) #
Israeli researcher Noam Tzvikel holds a bat in a laboratory at Tel Aviv University during an examination of the changes in the its nose structure, which reflect the focus, direction and width of its sonar beam, on July 23, 2012. Israeli researchers aim to reveal the secrets of bats to shed more light on the behavior and cognition of the species. They hope their findings could pave the way for new and improved radar systems and robotic technologies. (Reuters/Nir Elias) #
A horse, a boxer dog and a podenco dog (Andalusian hound) in Marinaleda, Spain, on August 15, 2012. (Reuters/Jon Nazca) #
Mouse, a six-year-old Chihuahua, during the 24th World's Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California, on June 22, 2012. (Reuters/Stephen Lam) #
An ethnic Uighur child pulls a donkey near Mount Tianshan in Aksu, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, on July 28, 2012. (Reuters/Stringer) #
Meerkats are weighed and measured during the ZSL London Zoo 's annual weigh-in on August 22, 2012 in London, England. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images) #
An Italian Carabinieri policeman falls from his horse during a parade prior to a training session of the Palio race in Siena's main square, on August 15, 2012. (Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi) #
A squirrel is trapped in a manhole cover in Isenhagen, Germany, on August 5, 2012. After they were called by neighbors, police managed to free the animal by using olive oil. (AP Photo/Police Hanover) #
Tori, a 15-year-old orangutan, smokes a cigarette inside her cage at Satwa Taru Jurug zoo in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia, on July 6, 2012. Zookeepers said they plan to move Tori, who learned to smoke about a decade ago by imitating people, away from visitors who regularly throw lit cigarettes into her cage so they can watch and photograph her puffing away and exhaling smoke. (AP Photo) #
A cat (lower right) walks through a destroyed neighborhood in war-torn Homs, Syria, on July 14, 2012. (Reuters/Yazen Homsy) #
Wearing a bowtie for the occasion, Blue Joie is held by his owner Ingrid Robinson of New York, as they and others wait for the start of the most expensive wedding for pets in New York, on July 12, 2012. The black-tie fundraiser, where two dogs were "married", was held to benefit the Humane Society of New York. (AP Photo/Tina Fineberg) #
Brooklyn-based veterinarian Dr. Elisabetta Coletti, right, tends to the family cat Scrappy Daphne as 2-year-old Leo, left, 6-month-old Andre, and their mother, Carrie Dirks Amodeo, watch during a house call at their home in New York, on August 9, 2012. Coletti, who is part of a growing trend of veterinarians who make house calls, came to give the cat a complete physical and to clip the cat's claws. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens) #
A reveler tries to hold on to a wild horse during the "Rapa Das Bestas" traditional event in the Spanish northwestern village of Sabucedo, on July 7, 2012. On the first weekend of the month of July, hundreds of wild horses are rounded up, trimmed and groomed in different villages in the Spanish northwestern region of Galicia. (Reuters/Miguel Vidal) #
Missoula, a young cougar, peers out from behind the legs of a zookeeper in Tierpark Berlin, on may 30, 2012. (AP Photo/Paul Tines) #
Fafa, a lioness that is nearly 18 years old, receives a CT scan at the veterinary clinic in Brasilia, Brazil, on August 7, 2012. Fafa has been living in Brasilia Zoo since birth and had undergone surgery this year to remove both its ovaries and uterus. Fafa was sedated and brought to the veterinary clinic after experiencing seizures and bleeding. According to veterinarian John Nardott Ricardo, the lioness had to undergo a 3-hour-long session of CT scans to its chest, skull and abdomen in order to diagnose the source of its health problems. Nardott believes there is a possibility that Fafa has liver damage, which may have arisen from a cancerous tumor Fafa had in 2010. (Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino) #
Indian villagers move Buddu, a one and a half-year-old sloth bear at Juli Kisan family's home in Lakhapada, India, on August 16, 2012. The wild bear, which was rescued from the family by wildlife officials, wandered into the village while following a herd of goats and had lived with the family ever since. (AP Photo/Biswaranjan Rout) #
A disabled dog named Christmas, during a charity event in Minsk, Belarus, on August 11, 2012. The Public Association for Animal Protection "EGIDA" organized an event to match homeless dogs and cats to prospective new owners in the Belarusian capital on Saturday. (Reuters/Vasily Fedosenko) #
An archival photo of Bao Bao, a panda in the Berlin Zoo. Bao Bao, the world's oldest known male panda, died in the zoo at the age of 34, on August 22, 2012, after a period of declining health. (AP Photo/Johannes Eisele) #

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