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It's time once again for a look at the animal kingdom and our interactions with the countless species that share our planet. Today's photos include falcons catching bait dangled from from drones in Abu Dhabi, bats in the Czech Republic, Monarch butterflies in Mexico, a Florida dog rescued from being  tied to a railroad track, cageless shark diving in Hawaii, chimps watching the BBC in China, several animal interactions in Ukraine, and much more. These images and many others are part of this roundup of animals in the news from recent months, seen from the perspectives of their human observers, companions, captors, and caretakers, part of an ongoing series on animals in the news. [33 photos total]

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A man rides a horse with a child through the flames during the "Luminarias" annual religious celebration on the night before Saint Anthony's, patron of animals, in the village of San Bartolome de los Pinares, about 100 km (62 miles) northwest of Madrid, on January 16, 2014. According to tradition that dates back 500 years, people ride their horses through the narrow cobblestone streets of this small village to purify the animals with the smoke of the bonfires. (Juan Medina/Reuters) #
A sick and malnourished sea lion pup undergoes an examination at the Marine Mammal Center on March 18, 2015 in Sausalito, California. For the third winter in a row, hundreds of sick and starving California sea lions are washing up on California shores, with over 1,800 found and treated at rehabilitation centers throughout the state since the beginning of the year. The Marine Mammal Center is currently caring for 224 of the emaciated pups. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) #
Bats hang from the roof of a cave in Mikulov, Czech Republic, on March 9, 2015. Up to six hundred bats spend the winter here in the caves. (Radek Mica/AFP/Getty Images) #
In this January 4, 2015 photo, swarms of Monarch butterflies hang off of tree branches, in the Piedra Herrada sanctuary, near Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The population of the butterfly, that migrates thousands of miles each year from winter nesting grounds in Mexico, has been shrinking partly because farmers are growing more herbicide-resistant crops that have stripped millions of acres of milkweed they depend on to nourish them along their route. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell) #
A Russian-backed rebel, his feet on Ukraine's flag, watches a small dog holding a can of food in its mouth in Debaltseve, Ukraine, on February 20, 2015. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda) #
A dog walks the runway during a New York Pet Fashion Show event during Fashion Week in the Manhattan borough of New York on February 12, 2015. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters) #
A gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) emerges from the waters of the Ojo de Liebre Lagoon, Baja California Sur state, Mexico on March 3, 2015. The Pacific gray whales have been protected since 1947, and are at the center of a growing whale-sightseeing industry. Their numbers have dropped by a third, from around 26,000, in the late 1990s. Whales go to Laguna de Liebre and others Lagoons, off Mexico's northwest Baja California peninsula, where grey whales breed and nurse their calves each year after migrating thousands of miles from Canada and Alaska. (Omar Torres/AFP/Getty Images) #
A worker sleeps in a pile of fox furs at a fur market in Chongfu township, Zhejiang province, China, on December 20, 2014. Chongfu township is known as the biggest fur design, research, production and export center in China, home to 1,469 fur companies, according to its government website. (William Hong/Reuters) #
In this March 4, 2015, file photo, Tampa Police Department Sgt. Rich Mills carries an injured female dog that was left tied to a railroad track in Sulfur Springs, Florida, The Tampa Police Department announced Thursday, March 12, 2015, that two Tampa teens have been arrested for shooting the dog that was found tied to the tracks. (AP Photo/Tampa Police Department) #
A Falcon catches lure from a drone before returning to the ground with a small parachute on February 3, 2015 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Traditionally a way of obtaining food, Falconry today has become more of a national sport and a rite of passage for many young Emirati men, who take their time to train their Falcons, developing a relationship and deep bond with the birds. Groups of friends regularly come together in the evenings to meet and train their birds where the practice becomes more about camaraderie and sharing knowledge than subsistence. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) #
A giant panda in a zoo in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, on January 15, 2015. (Reuters) #
People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers and paramilitary policemen stand next to slaughtered pigs which are part of the goods donated by the local government to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival, in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province, China, on February 8, 2015. (Reuters) #
Palestinians ride donkey carts during a sandstorm on February 11, 2015 next to buildings destroyed during last year's 50-day war between Israel and Hamas-led militants, in Gaza City's al-Shejaiya neighborhood. (Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images) #
Shark ecologist and boat captain Juan Oliphant signals to tourists that a lot of sharks are approaching them on a cageless shark dive tour in Haleiwa, Hawaii, on February 16, 2015. (Hugh Gentry/Reuters) #
A newborn chicken of Slovak breed Oravka, in a homemade incubator in Hviezdoslavov, on March 11, 2015. Oravka is one of the most famous national breeds suitable for harsh climatic conditions of northern Slovakia. (Samuel Kubani/AFP/Getty Images) #
Villagers with their fishing nets participate in a community fishing event at a lake on the eve of Bhogali Bihu festival at Sonapur area in the northeastern Indian state of Assam on January 14, 2015. (Reuters) #
Spanish bullfighter David Fandila 'El Fandi' puts a hat on a bull during a bullfighting festival in Canaveralejo bullring in Cali on December 28, 2014. (Jaime Saldarriaga/Reuters) #
Swans swim over a lake, with the air temperature at about minus 35 degrees Celsius (minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit) as steam ascends above the water during sunset near the village of Urozhainy, Russia, on January 26, 2015. (Andrei Kasprishin/Reuters) #
Zoo staff Sholpan Abdibekova and Tomiris, a five-year-old chimpanzee, react as they watch a BBC environmental program in a primate winter enclosure in Almaty on March 6, 2015. Zoo employees screen various wildlife TV programs to primates like Tomiris, who were born in the zoo, to help their development at the zoo. (Shamil Zhumatov/Reuters) #
Several wild horses escape as a helicopter is used by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to gather wild horses into a trap along Highway 21 near the Sulphur Herd Management Area south of Garrison, Utah, on February 26, 2015. According to the BLM, the range range has 830 horses on land that is suppose to have only 250. Citing public safety concerns, 100 horses are being gathered after three confirmed automobile collisions with horses in the last year. The gathered horses will be made available for adoption through the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program. (Jim Urquhart/Reuters) #
Cats crowd the harbour on Aoshima Island in the Ehime prefecture in southern Japan February 25, 2015. An army of cats rules the remote island in southern Japan, curling up in abandoned houses or strutting about in a fishing village that is overrun with felines outnumbering humans six to one. (Thomas Peter/Reuters) #
A monkey cowers as its trainer Qi Defang approaches during training for a circus in Suzhou, Anhui province, China, on November 29, 2014. Suzhou is known as the hometown of circus troupes in China and has more than 300 circus troupes. (William Hong/Reuters) #
The grandchildren of Palestinian man Saad al-Jamal pet two lion cubs outside their family house in the Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip on March 19, 2015. Al-Jamal, who says he bought the two-month-old cubs from the Rafah Zoo, lives with the animal inside this family home. (Said Khatib/AFP/Getty Images) #
A Department of Conservation worker tends to a whale stranded on Farewell Spit, a famous spot for whale beachings, in Golden Bay on New Zealand's South Island, on February 13, 2015. Nearly 200 pilot whales stranded themselves on New Zealand's South Island, with hordes of rescuers rushing to the remote area in a bid to guide them back to sea. (Tim Cuff/AP Photo) #
A falcon undergoes an anesthetic at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, on February 3, 2015 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the largest of its kind in the world attracting customers from all over the UAE and the wider Gulf region. Around 9,000 birds are treated each year for a wide range of ailments. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) #
A cat stands next to a rocket shell in the village of Myronivske, near Debaltseve in the Donetsk region controlled by Ukrainian forces on February 26, 2015. (Anatolii Stepanov/AFP/Getty Images) #
A butcher holds his sword high as he looks for a buffalo to be sacrificed inside an enclosed compound, hundreds of slaughtered buffalo on the ground behind him, during the sacrificial ceremony of the "Gadhimai Mela" festival in Bariyapur, Nepal, on November 28, 2014. Sword-wielding Hindu devotees in Nepal slaughterd thousands of animals and birds in the ritual sacrifice, ignoring calls by animal rights activists to halt what they described as the world's largest such exercise. (Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters) #
Shop owners dump fish into the river on February 26, 2015 in Zhejiang, Wenzhou province of China. Shop owners throw the fish into the river instead of lighting up fireworks to protect the environment during the business opening day after the Spring Festival. (ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images) #
A Kenya Wildlife Service ranger stands guard as 15 tons of ivory confiscated from smugglers and poachers is burned to mark World Wildlife Day at the Nairobi National Park on March 3, 2015. (Thomas Mukoya/Reuters) #
A dolphin killed with a hunting arrow in Orange Beach, Alabama is shown in this National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) photo released on December 8, 2014. The dolphin was shot in the northern Gulf of Mexico, the second violent killing of the protected animal over several weeks, federal authorities said. (Reuters/NOAA) #
In this February 28, 2015 photo, teammates struggle to lift a bull off the trapped leg of a charro, during the bull riding event at a charreada in Mexico City. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell) #
Salt meadow sheep graze on the polder Saint-Louis on March 6, 2015 in Roz-sur-Couesnon, northwestern France, Mont Saint-Michel visible in the distance. (Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images) #
A dog runs around a bank while civilians receive a one time cash donation from Russian backed rebels on February 25, 2015 in Debaltseve, Ukraine. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images) #

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