The Empty Chinese Amusement Park

The amusement park is almost synonymous with noise: the rollercoaster’s creak, the visitor’s scream. But when there’s no one around to hear it, does a fairground make a sound? What happens when the crowds go home? That's what Stefano Cerio has spent the last year investigating for his latest book, Chinese Fun. The Italian photographer has traveled to off-season amusement parks in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Hong Kong after the summer swarms have gone to see what remains. The structures, with faded colors and in various states of disrepair, appear grotesque in their loneliness. They don’t look like they’re having much fun. [9 photos total]

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Little China, Shenzhen (Stefano Cerio) #
Huairou (Stefano Cerio) #
Treasure Island Pirate Kingdom, Qingdao (Stefano Cerio) #
Polar Ocean Park, Qingdao (Stefano Cerio) #
Happy Valley, Shenzhen (Stefano Cerio) #
Huairou (Stefano Cerio) #
Happy Valley, Shanghai (Stefano Cerio) #
Shilaoren Bathing Beach, Qingdao (Stefano Cerio) #
Shijingshang Park, Beijing (Stefano Cerio) #

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